If your pound coin has this error it could be worth a fortune

Ready. Steady. Check.

Ready. Steady. Check.

You may still be grieving the loss of the old pound coin, but your new pound coin could actually end up making you a fortune.

Those worried that the new pound coin may actually cost us money can finally breathe a sigh or relief, as eBay users have been making a profit out of the twelve sided coin.

Some of the new pound coins that have been circulated across the UK feature a 'rare minting error' that many believe makes the coin 100 times more valuable than its face value.

The unique printing error in question is a deep cut visible across Queen Elizabeth's face - one we don't image Her Highness will be best pleased about.

eBay seller 'daniesteckiewic0' is the owner of one such coin, and has listed it on eBay for a whopping £100 in the hope fanatic coin collectors will be eager to purchase the rare error.

This isn't the first time the public has flocked to eBay to cash in on collectors items.

Last year one eBay user managed to sell a rare five pound note with the serial number AA01 for a staggering £4,150.

So, excuse us whilst we go check our purses.