Mother changes her baby’s name because no-one can pronounce it

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  • To be fair, it's pretty unusual

    When Carri Kessler from Maryland, USA, gave birth to her daughter she and her husband Will decided to give their new baby an unusual name. The couple had fallen in love with the name Ottilie – pronounced Ot-Ill-Ee, after hearing a friend say it. Unfortunately that’s where all the trouble started.

    After they introduced baby Ottilie to the family it transpired that literally no-one could pronounce her name. Some family members even struggled to remember it, with the family’s Grandmother having to put post-it notes around the house as reminders.

    Part of the problem seems to come down to accents: Carri and Will were inspired by a friend from the UK who was called Ottilie, but later Carri suggested that whilst the name sounded great with an English accent, it wasn’t quite so good with an American one. Carri told, ‘No one could remember it and no one could pronounce it. I was like, ‘If you say it with a British accent, it sounds really good!’ And people said, ‘But you’re from Maryland.’

    Eventually, after apparently having a cold sweat every time she had to introduce her baby, Carri confessed her stress to her husband who, relieved, admitted that he’d been feeling the exact same thing. So they decided it was time to bite the bullet and change their three month old daughter’s name. Carri did her research this time, running a shortlist of names past friends and family. Apparently the final helper was a friendly coffee shop Barista, who presumably knows which names are the most annoying to have to write on a cup. Finally the decision was made to change the baby’s name from from Ottilie to Margot.

    The name changed was announced to the world via email, the couple wrote ‘Remember Ottilie? Her name is Margot now!’ which apparently went down well with their friends and family, who had probably been struggling with the exact same problem!

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