Over 4,000 people have ‘fessed up to what they really think about when masturbating

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  • Are we a nation of wankers?

    Owning one of the best sex toys is now as commonplace a self-care investment as a hairdryer (well, sort of), so it’s wholly unsurprising that recent research revealed that over half of the population of the United Kingdom own a sex toy.

    And given that masturbating can help you look younger for longer (rejoice) it’s no wonder that so many women are opting for a cheeky wank over sex with their partner – especially when less than a fifth of women are satisfied with their sex lives sex life anyway.

    But have you ever wondered what people really think about when they masturbate?

    Well, sex toy retailer LoveHoney recently conducted a survey of over 4,500 men and women to find out our most common masturbation fantasies – and it turns out a lot us think about the same things whilst we’re getting off in the dark of the night (or the middle of the day, whatever your preference).

    The results of the survey were shared with Refinery2UK and showed that 69% of men and 60% of women who took part in the the survey admitted that they often fantasise about sexual situations with their current partner whilst taking matters into their own hands.

    The second highest fantasy involved situations including former partners, with 58% of men and 48% of women confessing to thinking about former flames when having some one on one time. Other popular fantasies included erotica, role playing and BDSM.

    According to the survey, 59% of men and 51% of women admitted to masturbating regularly – even when in a relationship.

    Urm, as you were folks.

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