No outdoor space? Here's 9 ways to create your own indoor garden

Because indoor plants are having a major moment

Because indoor plants are having a major moment

Potted plants have never been more on trend. Here Interior stylist and Homes Style blogger Maxine Brady shares a selection of stylish tips inspired by nine top lifestyle bloggers


1) Put plants in unexpected rooms

'Why is the bedroom often the last place that we think of to add plants to? They create a calm and soothing atmosphere in the place where you sleep. They also bring natural colour to your bedroom, soften the look of a bare white wall (great if you're renting) and the best bit – you can team them to match your bedlinen. I love the way The Club Of Odd Volumes have mirrored the potted ferns with the print of their sheets. '

2) Drape your shelves with green for the perfect #shelfie 

'We all love a #shelfie these days (the trend for artfully styled shelves in your home, don't you know). Mette from Monsters Circus has brought her walls to life by trailing ivy plans on this cool triangle shelf.'

3) Curate a plant gang

'Step up your indoor garden game with a set of wooden ladders that you can fill top-to-bottom with your leafy friends and make a 'plant gang' just like Tiffany from Curate & Display has done here. A good tip to steal is a run-of-the-mill brown paper bag as an usual planter. Just fill with a bushy fern.'

4) Pick stylish planters

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'The best bit about this indoor-garden trend is all the amazing accessories out there to take your plants from average to awesome. I love the way Julia from Overspringshandling has styled her living space with these chic stands, and I cannot tell you how much I love those wirework planters. Excellent work!'

5) Clean your air

(Image credit: Carole Poirot)

' Creating the perfect indoor garden space is all about how you show off your plants in the best light. That is why I love this hanging which brings a splash of green to ceilings. Plants clean our indoor air so hanging them from above makes perfect sense for our health too. This hanger is to die-for – it ties together two huge interior trends – macrame and urban gardening. Why not suspend a few together for maximum impact.'

6) Up-cycle with botanicals 

'Kimberly from blog Swoon Worthy knows how to add botanical glamour to a space. By upcycling a chest of drawers with a bold leafy wallpaper, she has transformed an alcove of her living space into an indoor jungle. Take inspiration by revamping an old piece of furniture you have at home with a bold botanical printed wallpaper or wrapping paper, then dress the top with a trusty plant.'

7) Create an indoor window box

'Growing blooms from seed is so satisfying and you don’t need an outdoor space to do that. Sow your very own wild flower window box by blogger Nicola Ranson. Rest it on the inside of your windowsill to bring a touch of nature to your home. Simply sprinkle a packed of wild flower seeds and enjoy watching them grow.'

8) Make handmade quirky planters

'Becoming a newbie-gardener can be heaps of fun. Using a Sharpie pen I love updating plain ceramic plant pots with a geometric designs, stripes or even a face. Oh, and a console table makes the excellent space to group all your plants in one spot. You can find more ideas on my blog We Love Home.'

9) Hang plant art

'Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful piece of art inspired by the great outdoors. This mist-filled pine tree print has been brought alive by Molly from Molly and The Princess who has hung it next to her beloved Kentia Palm.'

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