Have a fresh start this summer

Our top tips for creating a brighter and fresher home this season

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Our top tips for creating a brighter and fresher home this season

Spring has begun and summer is just around the corner. You may have already begun sifting through your wardrobe and throwing out all those thick winter jumpers and dark clothes. But don’t just spruce up your wardrobe this year, why not go all out and spring clean your home too? However, before you go ripping up the floors and stripping the walls, make sure you’re covered for all eventualities should you have a DIY disaster You can get a competitive home insurance quote online with Swinton.

Redecorating your whole house is a bit of a mammoth task, so instead of pulling the place apart and being left with several rooms half painted, just concentrate on one room to start with.

Stay fresh

This year’s home most popular Spring theme for the home is ‘fresh’ and has been heavily influenced by nature, so colour wise you’re looking at natural tones such as whites and browns to give your room a simple, clean, spacious vibe. You can even couple natural materials such as wooden surfaces with another trend this year, Western chic, as the dramatic black backdrop coupled with more natural tones and materials will give your room a striking look ready for the summer months.

Be bright

This year pastels are making a return, with the pastel palate being given a reworking for 2013. The pastels of this year are much softer and toned back in comparison to their 1980s descendants and you can take brighter colours such as orange or purple and combine them with softer colours such as pink aqua and yellow tones to make them stand out. You could even try combining the fresh theme with a clean looking white room, and throw in a few pastels here and there to give the room a pop of colour, or team the pastels with some grey for a fresh and up to date vibe.


Sticking with the theme of ‘fresh’ and the more natural on trend tones this spring/summer season, we’re also seeing the theme of nature branching into the home. Taking influences from Darwin and Victorian naturalist collections, this season nature inspired pieces will look excellent next to the more rustic looking woods that will help give your home an outdoor/indoor feel.

So this summer make sure you’re at one with nature in a spacious and natural looking living room, and if you feel like an extra bit of warmth just remember you can throw in a splash of 2013 pastels for extra effect.

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