Why women choose men who resemble dad

Why your boyfriend may resemble your dad

Marie Claire World News: Couple
Marie Claire World News: Couple

Why your boyfriend may resemble your dad

Women tend to opt for husbands who look like their fathers, a new study suggests.

While this may not be news to many of us, the study also revealed that the theory works both ways and women also resemble their partner's mother.

The latest study comes from a Hungarian University and the technical term for being attracted to partners who resemble family members is known as 'sexual imprinting'.

Scientists believe this selection process for choosing a husband may not be down to our genetic make-up, but more influences from a father or mother as we grow up.

The research team found that women use their dads as a template for choosing a partner – even if they are adopted.

The theory is supported by other studies which have shown women who do not have good relationships with their fathers do not follow this 'imprinting' notion.

Tests on 52 families found that young men and their fathers-in-law had significant similarities in the face, with nose and eye proportions being very similar.

The same tests found women and their mother-in-laws had similar facial characteristics around the lips and jaw.

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