Towering heels may harm your back and brain

They may look fabulous, but doctors warn that killer heels could be causing serious damage to our bodies

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
(Image credit: Rex Features)

They may look fabulous, but doctors warn that killer heels could be causing serious damage to our bodies

There's nothing like a pair of killer heels to transform an outfit from fine to fabulous. But step out with caution as doctors now warn that towering stilettos may harm your back and brain.

The news comes just a week after Victoria Beckham was pictured wearing flip-flops, exposing swollen feet and painful bunions.

According to doctors, about 80% of women also experience problems with their feet as a direct result of wearing tight and extremely high heeled shoes.

A recent report carried out for The Vitality Show revealed that over 200,000 British women sought medical advice for their feet last year, and a staggering 10,000 of these required hospital treatment.

But it is not just bunions and hammer toes that are causing a problem. Wearing high heels on a regular basis can have a dangerous impact on the back by distorting its natural alignment and compressing the spinal nerves.

On top of this, it has also been suggested that stilettos can even have an affect on the brain by constricting blood vessels and nerve supplies, causing headaches and impacting on brain function.

As research reveals that 65% of women still wear high heels for 40 hours a week - 35% of those being over 5in high - it's hardly surprising that more ladies than ever are booking in for a ‘foot filler'.

The latest cosmetic treatment involves collagen being injected into the balls of the feet, making wearing heels more comfortable.

Dr Nick Milojevic, specialist nonsurgical doctor at The Harley Street Medical Group, said: ‘This year we have received increased enquiries for foot fillers, a technique of using fillers to pad out the ball of the foot to reduce the pain caused by more vertiginous heels.

‘We do say to patients that the results are not long lasting because of the high impact on this area of the body so that they should think twice before spending the money.'