The Pill makes sex less satisfying for women

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  • A new study suggests women taking the contraceptive pill are less attracted to their partners and less sexually satisfied

    Scientists claim that women taking the contraceptive pill are more likely to choose reliable and caring partners, rather than the more dashing dangerous type often leading to a lack of passion in the bedroom.

    The study led by Craig Roberts from the University of Stirling questioned 2,519 women about their relationships with men with whom they had at least one child. Around half of the women were taking the contraceptive pill when they met their partners.

    ‘Women who met their partner on the pill had longer relationships – by two years on average – and were less likely to separate,’ says Dr Roberts. ‘But such women may on average be less satisfied with the sexual aspects of their relationship.’

    The researchers believe that hormones in the Pill steer women away from thrilling macho men and towards the more sensitive partners who will take to fatherhood and protect the family.

    ‘The implications of our study seem to be that by changing your hormone profile through using the Pill, you might shift your preference away from cads in favour of dads,’ says Dr Roberts.

    ‘Choosing a non-hormonal barrier method of contraception for a few months before getting married might be one way for a woman to reassure herself that she’s still attracted to her partner.’


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