The new boob jab

Would you have a boob jab?

A woman checking her breast for lumps
A woman checking her breast for lumps

Would you have a boob jab?

Forget boob jobs, there's a new breast-boosting treatment on the scene - it doesn't involve a knife, and it only takes half an hour.

The new boob 'jab', Macrolane, involves plumping up your cleavage by an average of a cup size with a injectable filler.

The plastic surgeon administers a local anaesthetic under the armpits and then manipulates the breast for the best shape as the filler is injected.

Already a massive hit in Japan, the procedure costs between £2,000 and £3,500 and generally lasts between 12 to 18 months.

The Macrolane will deplete and be expelled in normal bodily waste over that time.

Patients can then decide to have a top-up for around £1,000, or leave it for around 18 months, until their breasts have depleted to the size they were before the treatment, and then have it done again.

It's certainly expensive, but many women will see it as a good opportunity to avoid stitches, and going under the knife.

Macrolane is available at various surgeries throughout the UK. For more information, visit (

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