The Get Healthy Quick List

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  • Need to get healthy quick but have no time for a total mind and body overhaul? These well-being fixes will work faster than you can say ‘takeaway’.

    Tips for getting healthy quick aren’t always as effective as they claim to be. We’ve tried all the fad diets and all of the food group myths that have left us feeling just a little mal-nourished, if we’re honest.

    Getting healthy is about your mind and your body, so it’s a little more than just getting your five a day. We’re talking virus-busting, nutrient-boosting, stress-blasting health tips to promote a balanced lifestyle. Consider reworking your routine with EPOC training to make sure you’re really burning fat (and not just wasting your time). Struggling to find your zen? There’s an app for that, and if you’re dreading the onset of spring for the hayfever blues it brings with it, there’s an app for that too.

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