Why you really shouldn’t be using hand dryers (apparently)

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  • Warning: this might gross you out

    Washing your hands is not as straight-forward as it should be. Touching the taps, door handles and deciding between the paper towels and hand dryer in the loo is more important than you realise. And now new research has been published which highlights this point. Though be warned, it might gross you out.

    A recent study – which is causing controversy in the highly competitive world of hand-drying we’ll have you know – has tested the potential for viruses to spread during hand drying. And it appears to be pretty conclusive. 

    When researchers tested old fashioned paper towels against the original warm air dryers and jazzy Dyson jet dryers, they discovered that the Dyson spreads 1,300 times as much bacteria into the air as a paper towel.

    This is not the first time research has revealed that single-use towels are the safest way to dry hands in the washroom.

    But interestingly, according to this study it’s the modern and high-powered Dyson dryers that are the most at fault. 

    And more proof, were it needed, is shown below. Because if there’s one thing we love more than reducing the spread of viruses and germs, it’s a snazzy infographic:

    But – and this is a big but – it should be pointed out that this study was conducted by a hand towel manufacturer, so perhaps the results should be taken with a pinch of salt given their vested interest in, you know, selling more hand towels.

    Dyson has of course been quick to deny the findings – just as they have for several years after many other studies have yielded the same results. They reckon the process of washing hands is the very purpose of getting rid of said germs and therefore better hand washing would reduce this spread, which seems like a sensible point.

    Ultimately when it comes to hygiene, drying hands with a single use paper towel is still the safest way to reduce the spread of viruses. But the real problem is the fact that people are doing a lousy job at washing their hands in the first place. 

    Properly wash your hands with soap and there won’t be a whole lot of bacteria to spread. Simples. 

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