We Put The Body Coach's SSS Diet To The Test

A diet where you don't have to set foot in the gym, and you can consume a lot of calories? Sounds too good to be true...

The Body Coach SSS Diet
The Body Coach SSS Diet

A diet where you don't have to set foot in the gym, and you can consume a lot of calories? Sounds too good to be true...

What do the three Ss in the SSS diet stand for? 

That’s Shape, Shift and Sustain. This bespoke plan – where every step is sent to you by email – involves eating filling portions of food and snacks, but your macros (that’s the fat, protein and carb ratio of a meal) are tailored to how much you weigh, and your body type. You also have to complete a minimum of four short HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions a week (you can follow at-home tutorials) to maximise your fat burn. After a month, your diet is adjusted so your weight loss doesn’t plateau.

It sounds genius. 

It is. Or rather Joe Wicks, the brains behind it, is. Better known as The Body Coach, he’s a former personal trainer and nutritional therapist who has been inspiring people worldwide to get back in the kitchen and cook healthily via his Instagram videos. 

What's in? 

You eat three protein-based meals from a selection of recipes such as protein pancakes (made with cottage cheese) or chicken satay with zero-calorie noodles. You get two snacks as well, which can be fruit or a form of protein.

What’s out? 

Carbs, mainly. You can only have them after you’ve completed a HIIT session to exploit your fat-burning potential when your metabolism is at its highest. Alcohol is out, too.

Tester's Verdict: 

"The recipes were easy, but because it’s hard to grab something from, say, Prêt, you need to cook and prepare your food in advance – and that takes planning. It makes socialising tricky, but the results spoke for themselves."

Anita Bhagwandas, senior beauty editor


You don’t have to set foot in a gym, the food is lovely, the email support is fantastic and you never feel hungry.


Eating out with friends or any kind of spontaneity is tough. And you have to cook and plan everything. Hope you’ve got a big fridge.

How much weight was lost in three weeks? 

"I lost 6lbs – the loss was noticeable after just a week."

Get involved: Visit thebodycoach.co.uk, or follow Joe on Instagram @thebodycoach.

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