The anti-shyness pill

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  • New drug claims to be cure for shyness, depression and anxiety

    A new drug claims to be the cure for shyness, depression and anxiety.

    Oxytocin is a natural ‘cuddle hormone’ which is released into the brain during sex, and has long been used by doctors to help induce labour and stimulate milk in new mothers.

    Now, scientists believe it could be used as a wonder drug to treat all manner of personality problems.

    As well as being used to treat extremely shy individuals, doctors believe it could help autistic children recognise emotions in other people, something they often find difficult.

    ‘I’m absolutely convinced that we should study administering oxytocin when there is an early diagnosis of autism, but it is difficult to get permission to administer to children,’ Dr Markus Heinrichs, of the University of Zurich, told New Scientist.

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