Size matters: Finger length linked to libido

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  • You might want to look a bit further than a gorgeous smile as scientists reveal the length of a man’s fourth finger is linked to his libido

    Research has shown that finger length can be attributed to the levels of male and female sex hormones present in the womb and apparently the fourth digit is packed with sex hormone receptors.

    ‘Higher levels of testosterone lead to a longer fourth digit,’ explains Dr Cohn and Dr Zengui Zheng of the University of California. The study shows why men’s fourth fingers are generally longer than their index fingers, whilst the opposite is seen in women.

    ‘The ratio is fixed before the bone has even developed’, explains Dr Cohn. ‘This happens during a narrow window of development but it stays fixed throughout life.’

    Higher levels of testosterone affected the size of the fourth digit in the hind paws of baby mice, while the mice exposed to higher levels of oestrogen had a more ‘feminised’ appearance, with shorter fourth digits.

    These results provide a genetic explanation for studies that have linked finger length with sperm count, aggressive behaviour and sexual orientation.

    The discovery could also have implications for diseases such as prostate and breast cancer, which are linked to hormonal balance.

    So who’ll be checking the finger lengths of significant men in their lives later today? Team MC hands shoot up…

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