Sex Education Is Finally Teaching Young People That Sex Can Be Pleasurable

Well, it is 2016

Sex Education
Sex Education
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Well, it is 2016

When we think of our Sex Education class at school, our main memories feature giggling while putting condoms on bananas and someone fainting during the childbirth video.

Unsurprisingly, sex never really seemed that appealing, just a bit technical and awkward.

However, this week, Australia is leading the way in bringing sex education into the 21st century, advocating gender equality, empowerment, helping young people to say ‘no’, and teaching that sex should be pleasurable - and not the porn type of ‘pleasurable’.

Practical Guide to Sex and Relationships, the resource that is being shown in films, includes an animated video to help young people distinguish between sexual intimacy and porn.

'Caring and concern is essential to any kind of sexy activity... Sex is dodgy without it. And porn doesn't show that,' explains the video, adding that you should check by asking and reading body language to see if a partner is comfortable. 

Project leader and sex education expert, Jenny Walsh, spoke to Australian newspaper, The Age, about the importance of young people being happy with their choices: ‘The first step in encouraging people to make happier choices is to acknowledge that enjoying sex is a lovely part of being human... if we don't do this, then young people are more likely to put up with less-than-satisfactory experiences.’

She also emphasises that it’s OK not to be ready for sex: ‘If desire is lacking, then it's one of the indicators that you may not be ready to have sex at this stage and age... we want them to know that that's a normal and good choice too.’

And there is a large focus to break down stereotypes that put different types of pressure on both sexes.

‘Young women still fear that if they say what they want, that they will be judged as a slut, or will be called frigid. Research also shows that young men often think that they need to have sex, in order to be an accepted male,’ she added. 'We're trying to chuck those rules out the window when it comes to sex.’ 

This is a brilliant step forward in teaching young people about sexual relations and self-worth, let’s hope Britain follows suit quickly.

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