Walking is better for you than intense gym sessions

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  • Walking best way to stay healthy, according to new research

    A study has found a day spent walking around could be better for you than intense gym sessions.

    The research by Dr Hans Savelberg, from Maastricht University in Holland, found that sustained periods of inactivity compensated for by intense gym sessions are not as good for you as a day spent walking around.

    Eighteen 19-24 year olds were divided into three groups – the first sat for 14 hours doing no exercise, the second sat for 13 hours and did an hour of exercise and the third sat for six hours, walked for four and stood for two.

    The results showed that cholesterol and lipid levels were significantly improved in the third group, reducing their risk of deadly heart attacks and strokes.

    Speaking to MailOnline Dr Savelberg said: ‘One hour of daily physical exercise cannot compensate for the negative effects of inactivity on insulin sensitivity and plasma lipids if the rest of the day is spent sitting.’

    According to Dr Savelberg the best way to improve health is a minimal daily amount of non-sitting time.

    Best go for a wander then!


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