Remote Control Contraceptives… We May Have Some Concerns

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  • Developers are just trying to make sure it won't hack your ovaries before they market it, obviously...

    A new contraceptive ‘chip’ that can be operated by remote control has just been developed and unveiled in Massachusetts.

    After being implanted under a woman’s skin, the 20mm wide device releases a 30 microgram dose of levonorgestrel hormones every day.

    The total life-span of the device is 16 years, but unlike other implant contraceptives, the user can switch it on and off any time they like using a wireless remote.

    “The ability to turn the device on and off provides a certain convenience factor for those who are planning their family,” Dr Robert Farra from MIT, told the BBC.

    The challenge that the development team currently faces, however, is making sure that the chip is ‘securely encrypted’. As in, so that someone can’t hack your ovulation cycle.

    The news comes in the same week as a pill that texts your doctor updates from inside your body was unveiled and the concept even has approval from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

    If the ‘kinks’ are ironed out, the chip will be submitted for pre-clinical testing in the US next year and we could expect to see them on sale as early as 2018.

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    (PS, the chip pictured is not the real thing!)

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