New low-calorie chocolate created

The Swiss-made chocolate treat that's low in calories AND melt-resistant

Marie Claire world news: Bacon chocolate bar
Marie Claire world news: Bacon chocolate bar
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The Swiss-made chocolate treat that's low in calories AND melt-resistant

Scientists working for the world’s largest chocolatier may have created the perfect chocolate – low-calorie and melt-resistant.

They hope to put and end to melting chocolate bars and people destroying their summer diets with the normally calorie-packed treat.

Vulcano is the cocoa-based brainchild of Swiss manufacturer Barry Callebaut. Developed in a top-secret laboratory, the sweet has 90% fewer calories than regular chocolate and will only melt if exposed to a temperature above 55C (131F).

The product resulted from a mistake, according to technicians working in the company laboratory.

Simon Cantz, one food engineer, told Swiss television: 'Suddenly we realised we'd produced a very special chocolate, of a crispy light consistency, like an airy foam, and we thought let's see if we can develop this further'.

And, according to Vulcano creators, it doesn't taste like a diet version of the rich original. Spokeswoman for Barry Callebaut, Gaby Tschofen, said: 'It's called Vulcano because it can be eaten when it's hot, and it's airy and full of bubbles like molten rock.

'It's nice and chocolatey, with a strong aroma, and crispy rather than creamy. It does melt in the mouth, but it is the enzymes in the saliva rather than the heat of the tongue that causes it to dissolve.'

The firm hopes its product will be a huge success on the European, American and Asian markets. The guilt-free confection is expected to be on shop shelves within two years. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HEALTH NEWS



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