Apparently these are the most annoying gym habits (and you’ll probably agree)

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  • We’ve all been there – you’re sweating it out at the gym and suddenly someone is hanging around the machine you’re using, tapping their feet and passive aggressively looking at their Apple watch. Annoying, right? But what else riles you up when you’re simply trying to get in a good workout? People blasting out music without headphones? Gym selfies? ‘Reserving’ equipment?

    Actually – and unsurprisingly – all of the above.

    Online golf shop analysed thousands of tweets using ‘gym pet peeves’ to compile a list of more than fifty annoying gym habits. Yes, there are that many. They then surveyed gym goers to help them rank which ones were the most infuriating, and you’ll probably agree with the top ten.

    Of the 1,246 participants, 86% agreed that someone choosing the machine next to you despite all the others being free was the most irritating. This was closely followed by 82% of gym-goers finding people that stand and wait for you to finish on a piece of equipment or machine almost as annoying. Same.

    It also found that 8 in 10 people aren’t happy about people that try to ‘reserve’ machines or equipment, and 77% said loud grunters got under their skin.

    Other annoyances include people that come over and ask how many reps you have left, people that listen to music without headphones, not putting equipment away, people watchers, people that take loud phone calls and people that spit in the water fountain. Gross.

    But all very understandable, right? Well, the survey also found some slightly more unusual gym pet peeves include strangers that try to compete with you, people that video themselves working out and couples that grope each other in between workouts.

    One way to avoid these annoyances, however, is to head home and watch Netflix instead. Just a suggestion.

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