Smart morning snacks your body will love you for

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  • Stay healthy and lose weight with these top tips on what to eat when you're feeling a little peckish.

    It’s easy to succumb to hunger at around 11:30am and stuff your face with everything in sight. We’ve been there – almost every morning. The problem is, we don’t listen to our bodies closely enough. When they tell us we’re hungry, we don’t take into consideration that we might actually be extremely thirsty (often the case) and when our tummy starts to rumble, we try putting it off instead of giving it what it needs.

    So, instead of reaching the point of desperation and eating everything in sight before lunch, try a smart mid-morning snack that will nip your hunger in the bud without completely ruining your appetite. You’ll be surprised at how much a banana or goat’s cheese on rye crackers can help quieten down those belly rumbles.

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