Men close the life expectancy gap on women

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  • The gap between male and female life expectacy is rapidly closing in the UK

    When it comes to life expectancy, everyone knows women have a habit of out-running men. But according to a recent report, things could be about to change.

    A new study carried out by Club Vita – a consultancy that provides advice to the pensions industry – shows that men have closed the gap on women by almost 12 months over the past decade.

    Men living in some parts of Lincolnshire, London and Kent have done even better by reducing the difference by three times the national average.

    Now, following these statistics, women can expect to live 4.2 years longer than men, down from 5.2 extra years they could expect in 2002.

    So, why the sudden leap in male lifespan? Nick Flint, chief executive of Club Vita, says: ‘Men are indeed catching up with women.

    ‘The decline of smoking has played a big part in this, but so too has the increase in gym membership, corporate health check-ups and men’s fitness magazines.

    ‘Even the advent of Viagra has been important. Whereas many men in their fifties and sixties were very reluctant to take medical advice, the drug has encouraged men to go to see their doctor.

    ‘Once there, other problems can be picked up.’


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