What is intuitive eating? The latest health trend transforming diet culture

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  • With the help of Rooted London, we're learning about this new nutrition technique.

    Words by Lexxi Davis

    In a modern world of fitness crazes, revolutionary new cookbooks and eating organic; we’re always on the hunt for the next health trend to keep our bodies at their best.

    As a nation, we’re done with fad diets and quick fixes. People are turning to long-lasting lifestyle changes, to keep us at our healthiest.

    And the latest trend to hit London is ‘intuitive eating’. The food plan masterminded by holistic nutrition experts Rooted London, is something you’re going to want in on.

    What is intuitive eating?

    Rooted London founder, Pandora Paloma, tells us ‘Intuitive eating helps you become an expert of your own digestive system, learning the ability to distinguish between physical and emotional cues of hunger’.

    As a food coach, qualified holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, Pandora knows the importance of lifestyle changes to suit individuals. We know what skipping breakfast does to your body – but it’s about the whole cycle of eating, exercising and an entirely new mind set.

    How the programme works

    The 10 week plan aims to override the myths your mind has created about food and diet. Helping to re-establish a positive relationship with food and putting a stop to shaming your body, by learning to listen to your inner intuition.

    With 10 core principles, Pandora combines the physical and biological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual, to create a guided health plan. Completely re-training the way you think and feel about dieting.

    The benefits of intuitive eating

    If you’re looking for a fresh start from yo-yo diets and lack of body confidence, this new programme can banish the negativity around ‘bad foods’ and will stop you punishing yourself for indulging in the things you love.

    Pandora tells us; ‘How we eat shapes our well-being, so by eating the right foods, we can naturally emit illness and disease from our lives.’

    Taking a naturopathic approach, this means she looks at the body, mind and soul when working through consultations, advising from a functional perspective, as well as lifestyle and emotional stress – including issues such as anxiety, infertility, weight loss/gain, low energy, PCOS and digestive problems.

    To ease you in, check out Rooted London’s latest workshops.

    But if you’re really looking to press reset on your health routine, get in touch with Rooted London about their 10 week Intuitive Eating course, starting from £250.

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