Cheers! Superfood gin is now a thing and we can't wait to try it

Honeyberry gin is set to become your new favourite tipple.


Honeyberry gin is set to become your new favourite tipple.

Sorry Prosecco but gin has been king this year. Our love for the spirit has reached unprecedented levels over the summer, with pop-ups and buses dedicated to serving the stuff going viral.

Now there's more exciting news for fans of the tipple: honeyberry gin, made with superberries is about to hit shelves. Scotsman is tipping it as the next big thing. So why so special?

The spirit is made with Honeyberries, which are considered a superfruit for their antioxident and high Vitamin C levels.

In fact, they have 'higher levels of vitamin C than an orange and nearly as much potassium as a banana', as well as up to four times as many antioxidents contained in a 'similar-looking blueberry.'Let's ignore the effects adding the berries to alcohol may have on those health benefits though, shall we?

The fruit is native to Russia, but thanks to its strong tolerance to the cold, it has now been successfully grown in Scotland by farmer Stewart Arbuckle. Now the crop is being used to make a magenta-hued gin - among other drinks.

Arbuckle only has a small crop right now but has big ambitions for his berries.

'We’ve sold a few punnets of the fruit in our farm shop this summer but our key focus for honeyberries as a whole is the alcohol,' he says, adding that he will be branching out into wine, fizz and a port-style beverage.

Tony Reeman-Clark, chair of the Scottish Craft Distillers Association who made the new drink adds that he thinks it will 'change the face of fruit-growing in Scotland.'

But before you get the ice and lime on standby - you might be waiting a while for our taste of Honeyberry gin. The craft liquor will be initially available in limited supply in Scotland. Hopefully it'll wing it's way further south soon, because it sounds delicious.

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