Five tips for keeping fit on holiday

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  • Holidays can have a bad effect on your waistline, but that doesn't have to happen. We spoke to personal trainer James Duigan about how you can keep fit on holiday

    Going on holiday is one of those times when the fitness regime goes out of the window. A recent survey by Thomas Cook found almost 50 per cent of people say they put on weight while on holiday, blaming constant eating out, a lack of exercise and the temptation to drink more alcohol.

    We spoke to Bodyism creator and personal trainer James Duigan to find out how you can stay fit and still have fun on holiday…


    1) Don’t just sit by the pool, get in the pool!
    ‘Swimming is a great way to exercise the whole body on holiday. Try treading through the water to build up resistance.’

    2) Limit your alcohol intake
    ‘You can limit alcohol but still have fun. Drink clear spirits with soda water as a mixer as these have less sugar and make sure you have plenty of mineral water.’

    3) Eat fresh produce
    ‘If you’re on holiday near the ocean make use of it by eating fresh fish, which contain protein and healthy fats. You can also try exotic fresh fruit such as papaya for a health kick.’

    4) Try yoga
    ‘When you relax you actually lose weight more quickly. Do a yoga class and meditate to chill out’

    5) Take equipment with you
    ‘The bodyism band slips into your handbag really easily and you can use it to work on your legs and butt anywhere. The Victoria’s Secrets models have them in their handbags whenever they go travelling.’



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