Female beer goggles last up to six months

Beer goggles stay on even when sober

Woman drinking, news, Marie Claire
Woman drinking, news, Marie Claire

Beer goggles stay on even when sober

Beer goggles last longer for women than for men and continue even when they’re sober, a new study has revealed.

Women who drink even moderate amounts of alcohol suffer from a reduced ability to judge the attractiveness of men.

Those who drank less had greater judgement when it came to assessing male facial symmetry, which is a mark of attractiveness and good genes.

In the research, 45 women, who were classed as typical non-alcoholic drinkers (that’s about 40 drinks per month), were asked to compare the symmetry of 60 pairs of male faces.

The results are a little worrying: The more alc ohol the women had drunk in the last six months the worse they were at judging male attractiveness.

Even women who only had five drinks per month scored lower than women who didn’t drink at all.

‘My study suggests that sober women who drink alcohol are less able to perceive facial symmetry when sober,’ said Dr Kirsten Oinonen, of Lakehead University, in Canada.

‘When sober, these women are worse at judging facial symmetry, and therefore may find less attractive men more attractive. Given that symmetry is associated with attractiveness of faces, my study does suggest the possibility that alcohol intoxication may decrease facial symmetry perception, and make people look more attractive.

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