Cocaine is cheaper than lager

Price of cocaine has fallen so much that it's now cheaper than lager or wine

Cocaine, news, Marie Claire
Cocaine, news, Marie Claire

Price of cocaine has fallen so much that it's now cheaper than lager or wine

Home Office officials have admitted that the street price of class A drugs, cocaine and heroin, has fallen by almost 50% over the past decade.

Widely recognized as the most dangerous illegal drugs, heroin and cocaine are currently cheaper than they have ever been.

The Home Office told the Telegraph that figures collated from police forces around the country show that, while the average price for the drug is £40 per gram, in some areas it’s available for as little as £20 a gram.

In 1998 show the average price was £77.

It’s a similar story for heroin which averaged at £74 in 1998, and now has an average price of around 350 a gram, but prices go as low as £25b per gram in some areas.

A spokesperson from DrugScope told the Telegraph that a gram of cocaine can make between 10 and 20 lines. Which makes the average price of a line of cocaine between £2 and £4.

The average price of a pint of lager is around £2.75 and a glass of wine typically costs £3.50.

The Home Office suggested that drug prices may be falling partly because fewer people are buying drugs.


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