This woman’s body positivity journey is going viral on Instagram

'It doesn't matter if you have dimples in your thighs, or rolls, or stretch marks.'

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'It doesn't matter if you have dimples in your thighs, or rolls, or stretch marks.'

One woman’s journey to body positivity has just gone viral after posting a beautiful post to Instagram. Jazzy, who goes by a_body_positive_jazzy on the social media platform, opened up about what it was like being in love with a man ‘born fit’ and the difficulties of loving her plus-sized figure.

The photo, which shows her in a floral bikini and her ripped husband at the beach, has garnered over 79,228 likes since being posted a week ago. She wrote about her experience in full caption below:

‘Over the years this man has loved every curve, every roll, and every stretch mark on my body. I never understood why! How could he love something that isn't 'perfect'? How could a man who was 'born fit' love someone like me!’

‘I don't have a flat stomach, I jiggle when I walk, hell if I run up the stairs to fast my body claps (lmao)!! But now I see I do have the 'perfect' body!! Every roll, every curve and every stretch mark is put on me just perfect to make both of us happy!!! I love my body and I finally see why he does too!!’

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She and her husband have been married for 14 years and have two children together, according to her Instagram. Jazzy is also an aspiring plus sized model and her feed is full of modelling shots, gym workouts and inspirational quotes about body positivity and confidence.

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The attention hasn’t been lost on her and she said to her new fans in a video, ‘It’s very inspiration to see how many lives I’m touching just by sharing my journey to actually love myself.’

‘I want everybody to know that you’re beautiful. It doesn't matter if you have dimples in your thighs, or rolls, or stretch marks. We don’t have to be what the media wants us to be. We’re all beautiful.’

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