Blueberry smoothie cuts tumours

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  • How drinking blueberry shakes could help cure cancer

    Blueberries are the new superfood being hailed as a potential cure for cancer.

    Scientists have discovered that a drink called Blueberry Punch – a potent mix of blueberry, grape, raspberry and elderberry juices – can cut the size of prostate tumours in a matter of weeks.

    The Australian drink is currently only available to people in this country over the internet, where it’s sold at £16 a bottle, but early tests have shown it to be so successful, medical experts are urging further research to be conducted and its distribution to be widened.

    ‘We would like it to be considered in the same league as a drug,’ says the drink’s inventor Greg Jardine.

    As well as the fruit juices, the drink also includes green tea, olive leaves, tarragon, turmeric and ginger. It’s the combination of ingredients which devotees believe help reduce the size of cancerous tumours.

    However, the Prostate Cancer Charity in the UK has urged those suffering from cancer not to read too much into the early trials.

    ‘The researchers are planning a small study of 150 men with prostate cancer who will drink three glasses of the juice every day,’ a spokeswoman said.

    ‘This is a large quantity for men to consume on a regular basis and further studies will be needed to establish the most effective.

    ‘These studies will need to involve much larger numbers of men and it may be several years before we are able to offer men clear guidance on how the drink may help them.’

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