Bed at 10 for the perfect night’s sleep

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  • A new survey suggests the perfect night’s sleep is as simple as a cup of tea and an early night

    The trick to getting the perfect night’s sleep is to be tucked up by 10pm, says new research.

    The poll examined the night-time routines of 2,000 adults in Britain who claim to enjoy peaceful slumber and wake on average at 6:47am rested and ready to start the day.

    ‘The actual time people are going to bed is important, with most people ensuring they get a healthy eight or nine hours a night,’ says Tania Johnston, spokeswoman for bedlinen brand Bedeck.

    According to the poll, the optimum time for your head to hit the pillow is exactly 10pm.This should ideally follow an evening of relaxing activity, with the last meal being eaten an hour and 31 minutes before bed, followed by a cup of tea at 9:10pm.

    To encourage the most restful sleep, you should spend 2 hours 7 minutes of down time before bed, including 41 minutes checking emails, 51 minutes surfing the net, 41 minutes of chatting with a partner or family member and 1 hour 45 minutes of television.

    Once in bed wearing pyjamas, sleeping on the right hand side and having a partner snuggle into your back is the most common criteria for a good night’s sleep.

    ‘It would be great to know that if you followed a certain string of events, and approached bedtime in the same way every night, you would be guaranteed a wonderful night’s sleep,’ says Ms Johnston.


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