Are eggs the new superfood?

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  • With their high nutrient content and ability to tackle obesity, could eggs be the new 'superfood' on our menu?

    A report out today, suggests that eggs should now be regarded as a ‘superfood‘.  And with their reportedly high nutrient content and ability to tackle obesity, it’s not hard to see why.

    New research has revealed that eggs are excellent source of protein and are packed with essential vitamins, particularly vitamin D and vitamin B12.  They also contain the highest mix of essential amino acids, crucial for proper growth and repair in adults and children.

    The new studies have also revealed that eggs could play a vital role in keeping you in shape.  A medium-sized egg has fewer than 80 calories, proving a sensible breakfast option if you are watching those pounds.

    Even Margaret Thatcher was reported to have lost weight in 1979 on a short-term diet of 28 eggs a week.

    Dr Carrie Ruxton, a lead author of the report, says: “There are clear nutritional benefits to eating eggs on a regular basis.”  Just one egg a day provides you with your RDA of vitamin D, essential for bone health and preventing heart disease.

    Packed with nutrients that are key to leading a healthy lifestyle, and low in calories to keep you trim, it looks like this new superfood could be very much back on the daily menu.



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