Apple cider vinegar gummies continue to trend, so I started taking them every day – here’s how I got on

Are they worth the hype?

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If you've seen apple cider vinegar gummies doing the rounds on your social media feeds, you might be wondering if they're actually worth the hype. Everyone and their Aunt seem to be taking them at the moment, vowing that they can help with everything from improved immunity, to boosted metabolism, to regulated blood sugar levels, to fat loss.

Case in point: there are 45.6 million views on the "apple cider gummies" TikTok hashtag alone, with #ACV gaining 1.2 billion total views. It's fair to say they're having a moment, then - but we were curious to find out whether qualified professionals would actually recommend them in their clinics.

That's why we've picked the brains of two top nutrition experts to get their verdict, once and for all, on whether they can actually deliver the health benefits they promise.

The concept of apple cider vinegar for weight loss has been around for decades, with research finding that there is some truth in its efficacy. This 2021 study found that ACV positively impacts your fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and blood lipid levels, concluding: "Indeed, ACV can improve glycemic status by delaying gastric emptying, enhancing cellular glucose utilization and lipolysis, suppressing hepatic glucose production and lipogenesis, and facilitating insulin secretion."

That's right - studies have found that the vinegar can impact your blood sugar spikes post-eating, in turn reducing your inflammation and conditions like acne and more.

But what about in gummy form? Are tasty sweet-esque supplements as effective as the sharpy, tangy liquid itself? Many are still on the fence about their effectiveness - the volume of scientific research on gummies, in particular, isn't huge. That said, Dr Anojan Arulananthan, retail health lead at Holland & Barrett, is still forecasting the product as one of their products to watch for next year. “We’re seeing it growing in popularity and predicted in our Wellness Trends Report 2024 that ACV gummies will be big for 2024," he confirms. 

To read what the other experts we spoke to reckon and how I got on trying the gummies for a week, keep scrolling. Don't miss what happened when MC UK writers drank lemon water daily, mint water daily, and green tea daily, too.

What is apple cider vinegar?

But first, let’s talk a bit more about what exactly ACV is. Apple cider vinegar is - yep, you guessed it - a type of vinegar that contains acetic acid, one of the main components found in all vinegar. Made from crushed fermented apples, yeast, and sugar, it can be used for cooking, salad dressings, or even for drinking. That said, nutritionists do advise watering it down with lemon or water if you're planning on drinking it straight because of its high acid content.

The gummies, on the other hand, normally contain an amount of apple cider vinegar and other ingredients like glucose syrup, pectin, and ginger root extract. That said, it'll vary from brand to brand.

When were apple cider vinegar gummies developed?

Apple cider vinegar has existed for around a millennium, with Historians believing that cider and cider vinegar first came to England as early as 1066 around the time of the Norman conquest.

The earliest gummy form is said to have been invented in 2019 by a Californian company called Goli. While they claim to have created the world's first, since then, hundreds of other brands have created their own versions spanning different flavours, shapes and sizes. 

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar gummies?

Now, to the interesting part. According to nutritionist Sas Parsad from The Gut Co, they're easy to take and might just make remembering to supplement your ACV more achievable “ACV  gummies are a more palatable and convenient way to consume the vinegar," he explains. Why? Well, largely thanks to their form. "They're chewable supplements that encapsulate the tangy goodness of ACV in a more enjoyable format."

Not only that, but they promise to deliver a controlled dose of ACV in one handy gummy.

While he does reflect that the verdict's still out on their efficacy (it hasn't yet been proven, per se), they do boast some potential health wins. "ACV gummies boast potential benefits similar to traditional apple cider vinegar, including supporting digestion, managing blood sugar levels, and offering a tasty alternative for those who find the sharp taste of liquid ACV challenging," he goes on. "The acetic acid specifically is thought to promote digestion, metabolism, and gut health.”

Bottom line: the evidence on ACV gummies specifically is limited, and, as with all supplements, the effectiveness will vary from individual to individual. As always, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating them into your routine, especially if you’re diabetic. 

What should I look for in apple cider vinegar gummies?

According to the nutritionist, the following checklist will help you pick the brands that could offer health benefits from - well, the ones that won't:

  • Ingredients: Look for gummies with minimal and natural ingredients, he recommends. "Avoid those with excessive artificial additives, colours, or preservatives."
  • Acetic acid content: Check the acetic acid content, a key component of ACV’s potential health benefits. One key component of opting for a supplement that works is ensuring that the gummies provide a meaningful dose, he goes on.
  • Natural sweeteners: Choose gummies sweetened with natural alternatives like fruit juices or honey and avoid excessive added sugars, he concludes.

On that last point too - nutritionist Jordyn King explains that for apple cider vinegar to reach its potential health benefits, you should be aiming for around 14,500 mg (the amount in one tablespoon of the vinegar).

Is straight ACV better than gummies?

While he shares that gummies can provide potential benefits, he maintains that drinking liquid ACV is usually best. “While gummies offer a convenient and more palatable alternative, they may introduce additional ingredients and processing steps that can dilute the purity of the original substance," he explains. 

He expands further: "In its natural state, the liquid form of ACV preserves the integrity of the apple cider and its beneficial components without the potential additives found in gummies.”

I took apple cider vinegar gummies every day - my honest review

For my little experiment, I opted for the Holland & Barrett Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. I chose these as they felt like a delicious and convenient way to take apple cider vinegar without the hassle of having to pour it, water it down, and drink it every day. 

Doing my research before trying, I found that they contain 500mg of pure apple cider vinegar for every two gummies (they warn on the packet not to exceed that dosage, either). 

When testing, I opted for the offering that contain "the Mother." If you've tried or read about apple cider vinegar before, you'll have heard of it - essentially a by-product of the fermentation product which ups the levels of good bacteria in the vinegar or gummies.

Still not sure what I'm on about? Look out for the cloudy substance floating in some bottles (although you won't be able to see it in the gummies). It's naturally forming and said to be rich in natural proteins, too.

First impressions? They taste great, leaving a slightly acidic apple flavour in my mouth and reminding me of a gummy treat but without the sugar.

While I can't say I noticed any immediate benefits from my week of taking, this was to be expected after such a short testing period. Whether it's thanks to the ACV gummies or not, my bowel movements have been more regular, which has been interesting.

Wanting to hear from someone who'd tested the gummies for longer, I made the most of my journalism contacts to find a case study. Alyssa Rotunno, a 27-year-old New Yorker who works in PR, has been taking them for months and swears by the supplements. So, why did she start taking them? “I'd heard they had good benefits for boosting metabolism and supporting the immune system," she explains. "I like ACV gummies because they make me feel like I'm doing something productive for my health and are easy to add into my morning routine."

Will I continue to take them? I can see myself continuing - they were easy to take and tasty. I'd like to see if I noticed more benefits after a full twelve weeks of trying - the average amount of time it takes to notice the health benefits of supplements. Will you consider giving them a go? 

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