Anti-ageing gin is here to ensure you can grow old disgracefully

Anti-aging gin claims to help halt the hands of time

anti-aging gin
anti-aging gin
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Anti-aging gin claims to help halt the hands of time

Gin is the drink of choice for, let’s face it, all of us. Whether it comes with a splash of slim-line tonic and a slice of lime or in the form of a delicious and goddamn refreshing Gimlet… or even just over ice, gin is king.

And we don’t really need another reason to drink it. But just incase you were looking for one. We’ve found one. And it’s pretty good.

Because now girls, there’s such a thing as anti-ageing gin. So now we can grow old disgracefully as planned, gin in hand.

Introducing ‘the alcoholic equivalent of a facial’ Anti-aGin (pun intended and acknowledged) is the first drink of its kind to come packed with skin-boosting ingredients.

The 40% spirit is distilled with pure collagen, a mix of antioxidants and ‘skin-healing’ botanicals like green tea, witch hazel, nettle and something called gotu kola – which according to gin creators helps combat cellulite and repair sun damage.

Crafted by Warner Leisure Hotels and Bompas & Parr, a bottle of Anti-aGin can be snapped up at all 13 hotel locations across the UK for £34.99 and is also available to buy online.

While there are still questions over whether collagen supplements support skin health – that’s according to the Association of UK Dietitians – we’re volunteering as guinea pigs.

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