Overdone It Recently? Here's The Ultimate Hangover Juice

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones Shows The Beauty Desk How To Healthy Up After Big Night Out...

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones Shows The Beauty Desk How To Healthy Up After Big Night Out...

I just spotted this on the NHS hangover advice page: ‘the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink.’ Helpful indeed, NHS - if you’re anything like me, you’ve heard those words of wisdom all too many times and attempts to avoid the strong stuff when you’re out having fun have amounted in a limp switch from wine to mixers. But, in the spirit of giving sensible advice and adhering to the age-old maxim that prevention is better than a cure, here goes: if you can, avoid drinking too much and you’ll dodge the hangover. Simple.

Advice passed on (‘it is never of any use to oneself’, to borrow from Oscar) here’s what you need to do when you wake up with a dry mouth, pounding head and general feeling of wretchedness: juice.

It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing with a hangover isn’t it? You probably struggle avoid the lure of the golden arches of McDonalds and want nothing more than a Bloody Mary, stat, but if you can bring yourself to chop up a few vegetables and throw them in a blender you will be thankful beyond belief - I tried this after a big night at Mr Fogg’s (where the cocktails are too delicious to resist), and felt miles better.

Watch the video to see how Elizabeth Peyton-Jones makes the ultimate hangover juice and stock up on the below - I have a feeling you may need them this weekend:

- Cabbage: containing sulphur to aid detoxification by eliminating/neutralising the negative effects of toxins. - Fennel: to reduce inflammation, ease the digestive system and reduce flatulence. - Radish: brilliant at bolstering immunity and the respiratory system. - Parsley: a powerhouse of vitamins and a natural diuretic (so will help to drain excess fluid if you look puffy).

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