Harry Potter doughnuts exist and they’re filled with Butterbeer

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  • This is not a drill. We repeat this is not a drill.

    Words by Victoria Fell

    Let’s face it, most of us are not over Harry Potter. Whether it’s still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter or taking the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz until you get Gryffindor (this writer got it first time – no big deal), we’re still feeling the absence of The Boy Who Lived.

    You can now obliviate these woes thanks to Sugar Shack Donuts in the US, who have created a doughnut that is not only topped with a Golden Snitch (complete with painstakingly-detailed fondant wings) but tastes like the wizarding world’s beverage du jour: Butterbeer.

    Topped with iridescent sprinkles and stars, these sweet treats look as magical as we’re sure they taste. Judging by the amount of heart eyes emojis on Insta, it sounds like we’re right.

    However, just like the books, all good things must come to an end. The doughnuts are only available in twelve locations for a limited time, so unless you’re already stateside, grab your broomstick and grab it fast.

    If you don’t manage to get your hands on these adorable snacks, we’re sure you can conjure up a mouthwatering equivalent – perfect for warming up a cold autumn evening.

    As for us, our Portkey is charmed and ready to make sure we’re at the front of the queue.

    Accio deliciousness.

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