Feel Free To Ditch The Diet This Christmas: These Guys Most Definitely Will Be…

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  • If there's one time of the year that we can all indulge without feeling the smallest dollop of guilt, it's at Christmas. Even the most well-disciplined celebrities in the world like to loosen their belts during the holidays...

    So, if it’s alright with them…

    1. ‘Don’t beat yourself up… We all gain a few pounds here or there during the holidays, and that’s fine.’ Kim Kardashian

    2. ‘There is a lot of eating that goes on… my whole family is with me. And we all hang out and just tear through all the presents and eat a bunch of Southern fried food and just have a good time.’ Reese Witherspoon

    3. ‘I want to go home and sleep, and eat a lot of food with my grandparents. It’ll be awesome.’ Selena Gomez

    4. ‘We’ll just be lazing around, and drinking and eating, and being around the people we care about.’ Gwen Stefani

    5. ‘We have Santa Claus, and Santa Claus, and gifts, and more Santa Claus, and open fires, and a lot of food, and no one gets out of their pyjamas for about a week.’ Kate Winslet

    6. ‘The thing that I look forward to for the holidays is just being at home and eating all my mum’s food and cookies… that’s the best part.’ Rachel Bilson

    7. ‘My family and I always cook our [Christmas] meals together. And that is such an amazing experience… so much love pours into your food and then so much pours out of it when you’re consuming it.’ Blake Lively

    8. ‘We’re Texan so we make a lot of food that we shouldn’t eat, and we open gifts together.’ Kelly Clarkson

    9. ‘I love the cooking part, I love the bonding and just the family time that you get. And food always makes me happy!’ Kelly Rowland

    10. ‘We bring loads of different types of deserts to the celebration, and it’s almost like everyone is trying to out-do each other – from cakes, to cobblers, to pies. I just eat everything!’ Adriana Lima

    11. ‘It’ll be a time to really start winding down… So yep, just lots of food and family!’ Fearne cotton  

    12. ‘For the holidays I will be staying home with friends, eating, watching movies, eating, opening gifts and… did I mention eating?’ Carmen Electra

    13. ‘In my house [it’s] all about dreidel, kugel and latkes with applesauce and sour cream.’ Erin Heatherton

    14. ‘My mum makes an Italian feast like you’ve never seen… So we’ll eat until we’re in a food coma.’ Alyssa Milano

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