100 Calorie Snacks

The 100 Calorie Snacks that’ll keep your metabolism ticking

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  • Reach for these instead of a sugary cereal bar

    Eating healthily can be difficult enough when it comes to meals, but if you’re trying to cut down on snacks as well it can feel like no fun at all. Especially when you hear things like how vegetable crisps might be worse for you than regular crisps (and there we were thinking they were one of your 5-a-day).

    It’s always hard to resist that ‘harmless’ chocolate bar when hunger strikes and before you know it, all the hard work you’ve spent on your healthy lunches has gone on one of your calorie-heavy weak spots – even if it was a natural pink chocolate bar.

    Smaller, more frequent meals are beneficial for lowering your overall calorie intake. High protein snacks will keep you satiated for longer, while lower carb snacks will stop your calorific cravings for crisps, chocolate, sweets and popcorn.

    Bookmark this handy list so that you’re clued up on the snacks that aren’t too costly in the calorie department.

    10 snacks for under 100 calories

    Brown toast with jam, no butter

    Need an immediate filler before dinner? Stop yourself diving into the biscuit tin by snacking on a piece of brown toast (leaving out the butter) to fill that gap post-work gap, without piling on the pounds.

    Pancake with fruit

    A traditional thin crepe-like British pancake has just 90 calories. Who knew? But before you layer on the fattening toppings like sugar and maple syrup, stick to fresh fruit in a variety of appetising colours. Our top tip? Go for a handful of berries and a squeeze of lemon juice. Yum.

    Multigrain rice cakes

    The problem with a lot of low-calorie snacks is that to make sure they stay low-calorie, you can only have a very small amount. But Kallo’s multigrain rice cakes are only 28 calories each, which means you can have 3 (and a half) before you hit the 100 calorie mark.

    Greek yoghurt

    Popping out to grab lunch can be a minefield as you’re never quite clear how much salt, sugar and calories are in some snack options. Eat a small serving of Greek yoghurt to keep you going until home time. Delicious.

    100 Calorie Snacks

    Fresh fruit smoothie

    Dust off your blender and whiz up your own smoothie on the weekend – it’s much healthier than a shop bought blend. Steer clear of bananas and yogurt as they’ll take your snack over 100 cals, and instead opt for fresh fruits like berries or apple. A drink may not sound like a snack, but trust us, you’ll be left feeling full.

    Carrots and hummus

    One tablespoon of hummus is just under 30 calories, so have a couple and some carrot sticks for a low calorie treat that tastes naughtier than it actually is.

    An orange and a kiwi

    Snacking on fruit is always recommended. Eating an orange will instantly boost your vitamin C levels for the day and kiwi fruit is the most nutrient-rich of the top 26 fruits eaten around the world. It’s also packed with vitamin C and potassium, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


    With a glass of wine in your hand, it’s often impossible to resist a Kettle Chip or Pringle to nibble on. Instead, opt for a bowl of olives at the bar, safe in the knowledge you’re watching your waistline (obviously ignore the calorific glass of wine in the other hand).


    The beauty with grapes is that they’re not gone in a flash. You can snack on this fruit throughout the day and if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham (her favourite grazing snack, apparently) it’s good enough for us.

    Small banana

    100g of banana is just 90 calories and they’re a pretty filling, easy snack to reach for. Just be sure to invest in a Banana Guard if you’re planning on taking one from home to work…

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