easyJet reveal the secret hand signals they use on flights

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  • Watch the cabin crew training video here

    You know that moment when you first get on a flight and the air steward or stewardess welcomes you on board? They’re actually sizing you up to see if you could be of use to them in case of an passenger or aircraft emergency.

    In fact, there’s a whole host of things airlines do in secret that they don’t really want you to know (like, why you should never order tea on a flight… yuck.)

    So, when easyJet decided to unveil their cabin crew staff training video, in response to a customer being confused by crew members’ body language while they were serving food and drink, we 100% wanted to watch it.

    What does the chicken dance mean exactly? No, it’s not charades or a game, it actually makes perfect sense. The signal is actually communicating how many chicken baguettes had been ordered.

    Hand motions are used a lot between cabin crew as a code to include food orders or signals for various scenarios like marriage proposals and stag parties.

    Tina Milton, Head of Cabin Services said: ‘With over six million passengers served each month, the ‘secret code’ has been invented to enable our cabin crew to deliver a speedy and efficient service, whilst keeping unnecessary crew noise to a minimum and provide passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable flight.

    easyJet flight attendants are trained in all aspects of customer service and air safety, and the secret hand signals are an integral part of their inflight knowledge.

    We pride ourselves on providing an excellent inflight food service over the past 21 years, and our ‘secret code’ helps us to ensure customer satisfaction in a timely manner.

    The easyJet ‘language’ has been part of the company for 21 years so next time you’re on board, see how many you can spot.

    Well, that’s a new way to pass the time…

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