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  • And get ready to ask yourself, 'What Would Dolly Pawton Do?'

    Dolly Pawton 1.27pm Oxford St.

    Let me just adjust my crown. Okay, I’m ready.

    Now let’s get the uncomfortable intros out of the way so I can tell you what happened to me this morning.

    I am Dolly Pawton, a.k.a Kween. A hundred+ thousand of you will already know that via my Instagram but for those of you that have been under a rock or too busy buying a hat for the royal wedding, I am going to be your new BFF. I know, how presumptuous of me, but trust me you need me!

    Kween’s need to stick together.

    It’s the year of the woman and I want to start a girl gang of women aggressively supporting other women. So hands up if you want in, because if we get enough people were totally getting jackets made like a biker gang!

    I am here to break down barriers and that’s a big statement for a smaller than average in size Marie Claire columnist, but what you need to know is there is nothing average about me.

    I have a zero f*cks attitude, always looking as hot as hell and living an existence of cocktails and daily caffeine.

    Still searching for that one to grind my bean. Yes that’s right I’m single because I’m so over having to guide f*ckboys to the spot. I’m not a compass ffs. I’m a busy working woman. I’m about self love and I’m giving it a whole new meaning.

    I am going to lead you to caring more about yourself, less about bullsh*t and you may even surprise yourself on how well positioned that crown sits.

    So welcome to your new fashion, lifestyle, lgbt+ and sex go-to. And, a message for the haters, those who thought I couldn’t get my paw in the door – well, here I am bitches!

    I’ve done all the talking and now it’s your turn. With every column I will be doing a Dear Dolly. Which is your chance to ask me anything.

    PSA: BIG NEWS!!! I can finally break my silence after months of feeling like Kylie Jenner hiding stormi from the world. ?This news is GOALS and a dream come true!! I can now reveal that you’re looking at the new MARIE CLAIRE columnist!!! #YasKween ? @marieclaireuk As far as zero f*cks go, looking hot as hell and drinking cocktails on a regs this column will be bringing more of that – more sass, sex talk, everything LGBT+ and more fashion and London lifestyle than ever. I will also be doing a regular WWDPD! What Would Dolly Pawton Do? in a “Dear Dolly” write in! ? So if you need relationship advice, help with life dramas or any burning questions, I’m here to give you the realest talk. You know I don’t sugar coat shit ?‍♀️ I am really excited to get started and my first column will be launched in a fortnight. ? Dolly fam, thank you for being patient cause nobody likes a tease, but you know I do it so well. ? This next part of my journey wouldn’t be possible without you. Your continuous love and support is truly incredible. ❤️ Not one to follow in anyone’s footsteps, but throw the Manolo's over Carrie ? as London’s very own fashion Icon is taking over! ?‍♀️ #DamnStraight #BossBitch #DollyAndAnotherCity #DollyPawtonForMarieClaire #Fashion #Columnist

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    WWDPD! ‘What would Dolly Pawton Do?!’

    Nothing is off limits so consider me your Dollylama (spiritual guru) here for all the real talk. Write in at

    Don’t worry you can be anonymous!

    Oh and about this morning…. I can’t be the only one that has been eagerly awaiting all bloody week for that one delivery to forget to put clothes on to answer the door! Let’s put it this way, unlike my ex, I think my next package will come on time!

    But for now I’m left a with a cocktail and contemplation….

    London love

    Dolly Pawton xx

    PS: Is forgiveness ever possible?

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