Protestors are in solidarity with Argentina after legal abortion bill fails to pass

A sad day for pro-choice supporters.

A sad day for pro-choice supporters.

Words by Rebecca Fearn

After much debate, the Argentinian senate has rejected a bill that proposed legalisation of abortion within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The final vote saw 41 male senators and 28 female senators vote against the bill by 38 to 31.

Abortion is currently only legal in Argentina in cases of rape or health complications.

Pro choice protestors have been showing their support for the bill all over the world during passing weeks, with people gathering in cities such as Berlin, Rome, Melbourne, and Rio De Janeiro. Many wore green to express their support for abortion decriminalisation.

Following today's decision, pro-choice supporters showed their frustration by beginning fires and throwing missiles at police.

Many also took to Twitter to express their defiance and determination to keep fighting:

Unfortunately, lawmakers must now wait another year before they are able to resubmit legislation.

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