AJ Odudu on how to find your inner zen

Guest columnist and TV presenter AJ Odudu gives us the inside track on her fitness hacks, foodie hangouts and power podcasts

Grab your running gear
One thing I learned from being on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins is I don’t spend enough time switching off. I’m a workaholic, so when I’m not travelling or renovating my house, I try to find time to relax. Running clears my head. Sometimes, it’s hard to wake up early and go for a run, but then I think about the fit guy that I pass every morning in Greenwich Park and I’m good to go. Running is endorphin inducing and will power your day.

Have a drink (or two)
Post-workout smoothies are good for my body, an espresso martini is good for my soul. Nothing beats catching up with mates over drinks; ranting about the guy who’s just ghosted me, having a laugh and the possibility of ending up in the kebab shop. London Grind is one of my favourite spots – the atmosphere is great, you don’t have to book and the drinks are delicious.

Pamper yourself
Flying a lot leaves my skin dry, wearing lots of make-up in the studio clogs my pores, and if I’ve been out with my friends the night before, I end up with serious eye baggage, so I’m a big fan of facials. The Osmosis Vitamin A Infusion treatment at Anamaya in Kensington [London] gives you the TLC you deserve.

Take time to meditate
A busy work schedule is exciting – especially when it involves travel – but it plays havoc with my sleep. I often struggle to nod off, but the Calm app is great for a bedtime routine. With its meditation sessions, programmes to combat anxiety and bedtime stories, I’m left feeling relaxed enough for a good night’s kip.

Shut up and listen
It’s good to talk but it’s even better to listen, and by doing so I learn so much. Not just about the psychology of others, which makes me more compassionate, but also about how to bounce back from rejection. I love the Power Hour podcast with Adrienne Herbert for a positive boost.

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Compiled by Charlotte Vossen. Photograph by Nathan Gallagher

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