This is the age you should have your life sorted out (apparently)

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The experts out there are always giving us the age 'milestones'. There's an age when you have the most friends, there's the age when life is most expensive, there's the age that you're most likely to meet 'the one'.

So it'll come as no surprise that there's also an age stamp on when you should have your life together.

Yep, if you're worrying that you need to sort your life out and you're not sure when you're going to get around to it (we need to get through all the new releases on Netflix first, okay?) then take a look at this.

Beagle Street Life Insurance carried out a study to find out when we tend to have our careers, love lives and social relationships 'sorted out' - and it's not clear what that means exactly - but the answer is 39. They surveyed 2,000 people to determine when everything seemingly falls into place for the average Brit.

Apparently, there are some milestones that we are predicted to hit earlier than that. According to the study, we should have secure friendships by 29, and 'the one' should have fallen into our laps by 31.

So what did the participants tell us?

A quarter of those involved in the study felt that their love life was a bit of a mess, and 55% said that they want to get organised but just haven't got around to it yet. Same. 

78% admitted they struggle with 'life admin' and 74% said they spend more time putting it off than doing anything about it. Same again.

Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street Life Insurance, said: "I'm sure these survey findings will ring true with a lot of people. Life goes by at such a pace it's often hard to get on top of our routine life admin, let alone making sure that we're 'living our best lives'.

"Yet almost two thirds of people worry about the effect this lack of control could have on their loved ones."

But don't panic if your age doesn't match up to any of the data. FYI, 44% of the participants also said that they didn't think they'd ever have it all sorted.


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