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13 style storage hacks that will change your life

Your closet will never be the same

Any woman with too many clothes (hey, we’re not here to point fingers) knows that storing them in your closet can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if your cupboard is basically the size of a shoe box.

Of course, you could go by that classic rule of one in, one out that Parisians are so fond of, but if you really don’t fancy chucking anything away, we’ve got a few nifty closet storage tips for you here, courtesy of the internet.

We promise these are real game-changers…

1. Add dividers to your drawers

So simple but look how effective this is. OCD heaven.

Image/French American Style

2. Hang your bras behind your door

The trick here is to use every possible space you can.

3. Picture rail shoe rack

Not only is this a pretty feature, it also means you can just pick your shoes at a glance.

Image/Sun Home

4. Expose your wardrobe

We like the idea of curating pieces and displaying them on a rail, shop style. This ladder one has serious Anthropologie vibes. Just switch things around every week for fun.

Image/A pair and a spare

5. Scarf holder

Save yourself the trouble of hunting down your scarf under all those coats, and go for this clever hack instead.

Image/Sally Ann

6. Store your hangers on a chain

This is a pretty effective way to double your closet space.

Image/Brit + Co

7. Use your stair space

Sure, it might cost a bit to convert your stairs into drawers, but we can all agree the pay off will be worth it.


8. Colour code your wardrobe

That’ll make picking your outfit that much easier.


9. Shoe bookshelf

While we love a well-stocked bookshelf in the lounge, this shoe-filled one appeals to us for the bedroom.

Image/Hello Fashion

10. DIY coat stand

Useful and a decorative feature too.

Image/Emily Henderson

11. Bag display

Be proud of your bag collection.

Image/The Sweetest Thing

12. Under bed storage

Beats your standard Ikea bed, doesn’t it?

Image/Art Manias

13. Jewellery frame

Keep and eye on your precious jewellery by hanging it on a pretty frame.


We don’t know about you, but we know how we’re spending our weekend…

Who needs Mary Kondo when you’ve got these? Exactly.

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