EXCLUSIVE: The Style Rules Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Swears By

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  • From dressing up for The X-Factor panel to hanging in her PJs (yes, even she does that) - no one's got it more sussed than Cheryl - and we couldn't be prouder that she's our December cover girl!

    Here, she talks us exclusively through some of her top style secrets.

    ‘I’m a big Net-A-Porter fan. It’s kind of addictive, dangerously so, [it’s like] “Hi Cheryl” and [I’m like] “oh! That’s so nice, these people know me!’

    ‘I never wear flats but I do like to try things out.
    Sometimes when you do wear what you would normally it’s nice but it can get boring, so pushing yourself and trying different things is always interesting. My team always take the mick because they know what I’m like – I”ll be uncomfortable [on a shoot] but I’ll still be trying to take the picture. It’s exciting to change it up.’

    ‘I love getting dressed up [for The X Factor] but the whole ‘who has the best dress’ thing really doesn’t come into consideration. I’m such a girly girl I’ll be like, “where did she get that dress from?” and want it myself. I’m never thinking “oh, is her dress better than mine?” It’s just not the way I think.’

    ‘I try to do what’s right for my body shape. I think that’s where a lot of women go wrong. You can look at a woman and think “oh wow she looks amazing, I must get that dress” but if you wore that dress it wouldn’t look the same on you, you might not have those curves or breasts, so it’s just finding what’s right for you, and accepting that sometimes that stunning dress is not going to work for you. I reached a point where I know the right things to wear, I think, for my body, head and shape.’

    ‘I love pyjamas. Honestly, I think about them the whole way home, especially when you’ve had tight jeans on all day long. You know that feeling where you almost want someone to just pull them off for you and get into your cosy pyjamas. I have a couple of sets of really expensive silky ones that when I have a hard day at work I’m like, “uh!’ and a cup of tea…’

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