The Netflix shows that have legit changed the way you dress

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  • Hello leotards and mum jeans

    Can you believe Netflix was first launched 20 years ago? It’s hard to imagine a life without it when most of us organise our free time around the latest releases, from The Crown and Stranger Things to House of Cards and GLOW.

    But it’s not just our timetables Netflix has impacted, it’s our fashion too, thanks to shows that are so stylish they’ve legit changed the way we dress. Seriously, Olivia Pope is our workwear guru, and we just wish we had a time machine so we could hop back in time and dress like Queen Elizabeth.

    And if you’re in any doubt of how these shows have changed the way we dress, there’s data to prove it. The​ ​team​ ​at​ ​global​ ​fashion​ ​search​ ​platform​ ​Lyst​ ​found that certain shows actually spiked the online searches for certain clothes.

    Scroll down to find out which top five shows and characters have inspired our wardrobes.

    1. House of Cards

    House Of Cards still

    House Of Cards still

    Claire Underwood’s power dressing is the stuff of dreams, and searches for women’s tailoring have increased massively as a result. If you scroll through Instagram, you’ll see over 19,000 posted tagged #claireunderwood, and since the release of House of Cards season 3, searches for cropped jackets, tailored dresses and boleros have all gone up (in particular thanks to the white Alexander McQueen illusion bolero dress she wore in series 1, episode 8. In season 5, she wore a black Dolce & Gabbana that prompted 12,000 searches. It’s easy to see why, by emulating Claire’s wardrobe, women are inspired to be more badass, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    2. Stranger Things

    Eleven Stranger Things

    Stranger Things made us all nostalgic for the 80s, and unsurprisingly, Eleven’s pink Peter Pan collar dress is already one of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2017, in fact it was searched for once every 3 minutes on Lyst. And let’s face it, we all had a soft spot for Barb (hang in there Barb!), so much so that her name was searched for hundreds of times on Lyst.

    3. The Get Down

    the get down

    It’s probably not a coincidence that the Get Down perfectly coincided with the revival of the 70s fashion trend. Since the show was released, red and green coloured varsity jackets saw a spike in searches, and retro trainers also became more popular. Red Puma trainers in particular were clicked on 15,000 times.

    4. Narcos

    Narcos is a perfect example of how fashion is paramount to telling a story the right way. To portray Pablo Escobar and his crew, the actors were dressed in authentic 70s fashion, prompting people to search for the trend (again). Sales of aviator sunglasses increased by 256%, and interestingly, interest for hats went up too.

    5. Glow


    There’s a bit of a recurring theme here with our love of nostalgia. Glow, which follows female wrestlers in the 80s, sparked an interest for mom jeans (as worn by Ruth) and sweater vests, in shades of grey and beige. While people searched for leotards, only one in every 200 searches resulted in a purchase, possibly indicating we think leotards are best left to the 80s.

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