How to reclaim your life (and sleep) back by stopping Netflix autoplaying the next episode

Because you really do need to get to sleep

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Because you really do need to get to sleep

If you, like me, suffer from Netflix-induced insomnia (you know, when you're falling asleep but then the next episode starts playing and you don't have the discipline to turn it off, and suddenly it's 2am on a school night and you're counting how many hours you have before work the next day...), you might want to rethink your viewing habits.

As much as I love a good binge watch, and putting all those Netflix hacks I've learnt into use, I admit that the streaming service has cost me some serious sleep.

When an episode is starting to wrap up, you'll notice that the next one will start playing and quite frankly, it's a little annoying right?

Let us explain to you how to disable this default feature and take your life back.

How to disable auto-playback

Adjust your playback settings by heading into your account settings and selecting 'my profile.'

Then, click 'playback settings' and scroll right down to the bottom to find 'auto-play' and simply uncheck the box that reads 'play next episode automatically.'

And, it doesn't matter if you share your account with others as this will only affect your profile - so just save and enjoy.

Trust us on this, your sleep schedule, and social life, will thank you.

Delphine Chui