How to get Eleven from Stranger Things' look in 60 seconds

It's set to be the most popular costume of 2106. Here's where to get it...

It's set to be the most popular costume of 2106. Here's where to get it...

Remember back in 1996 when almost everyone wore a Scream mask for Halloween? Or 2008, when you couldn't walk down the street without bumping into the Joker? 'Why so serious', they'd all say. Perhaps you recall the peak of Twilight fandom in 2009? Everyone thought it was cool to dress up like characters from the hit tween novel series/movie. Well, this year, you can expect to see every version of Eleven from Stranger Things. So popular is the search for 'Eleven Stranger Things', it's almost breaking the internet.

Thanks to the cult Netflix series, our feeds are being inundated with people in blonde wigs, pink dresses and blood dripping form their noses. There are even those who are brave enough to go the whole hog, sporting shaved heads and a packet of Eggos. Heck, some couples are even partnering up as Eleven AND a giant Eggo.

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But it didn't just happen over night. This has been going on for weeks. Around a fortnight ago, ASOS reported that a particular pink peter pan collar dress was being viewed every three minutes. And 80% of those viewers were simultaneously searching for tube socks. Navy bomber jackets and 'wavy blonde wigs' have also seen a spike in searches.

And the best part is, the more you DIY, the better it looks. So if you're still looking for a dress up idea that's simple, easy and takes all of 60 seconds to put together, try going as Eleven from Stranger Things.

Warning: it's unlikely you'll be the only Eleven there.

Eleven Stranger Things costume:

Here's where to buy everything you need to get her look.

Pink Peter Pan Collar Dress, £35, ASOS

Navy Padded Bomber Jacket, £24.99, New Look

Stripe Knee High Socks, £10, American Apparel

40s Pin Up Style Wig, £26.99, Annabelle's Wigs

Zombie Blood, £4.99, Angels Fancy Dress

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi, £53, Next

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