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These are the most googled fashion questions

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  • And they will surprise you…

    Let’s face it, what would we do without Google? From sourcing the best pop-up bars, to finding out how tall Tom Cruise really is (1.7m FYI), there’s no question the search engine can’t answer.

    And when it comes to fashion, the giant is just as much of a go-to, it seems. In 2016, people in the UK searched for lots of things, from memes and politicians to beauty and celebrities – and yes, Meghan Markle topped the list in case you were wondering (according to the Year In Search report).

    In terms of fashion, the results were rather surprising. You might have thought fashionistas were dying to know how to wear a specific trend, but it turns out DIY and hacks were far more up their street.

    In fact, the most googled question was… ‘How to get ink out of clothes’. Which to be honest, we didn’t know was still a thing. Who uses ink pens anymore?

    There was definitely a theme, with most questions relating to fashion mishaps, from ‘How to get lipstick out of clothes’ – we’ve all been there ladies – to ‘How to shrink clothes’ and ‘How to get wax off clothes’.

    Read on for the full list of most Googled fashion questions, and because we don’t want 2017 to be as crappy as 2016, we’ve got the tutorials to answer all your fashion woes too…

    1. How to get ink out of clothes

    2. How to tie a windsor knot

    3. How to iron silk

    4. How to use a needle threader

    5. How to shrink clothes

    6. How to get lipstick out of clothes

    7. How to stretch a t-shirt

    8. How to get chewing gum off jeans

    9. How to clean white Converse

    10. How to get wax off clothes

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