Michelle Obama’s thigh-high boots were gold, sequined and goddess-worthy

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  • 'I was like, those some nice boots!'

    The Obamas’ post-White House life seems like it’s been a fulfilling and pretty busy one, with Barack fighting the United States’ culture of gerrymandering as Michelle blazes a trail promoting her memoir Becoming. Since leaving behind the Oval Office, the married pair seem happier and lighter without the weight of a country on their shoulders and it shows in the way they look as well. That’s especially true in the case of Michelle Obama, whose recent fashion choice had us quietly whispering ‘yass, queen’ in the office. During a book tour appearance yesterday, she appeared like a haute couture angel dressed in bright yellow and some Balenciaga thigh high gold sequin boots. And the whole look was *chef’s kiss*.

    Michelle joined another sartorial icon, Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, to talk about her book and what life has been for her post-White House. It’s not often that anybody upstages Carrie, but even SJP had to bow down when Michelle swept onstage in a floor length yellow gown and those iconic boots.

    michelle obama's balenciaga boots

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    The photo above killed us, then brought us back to life all over again. That side split! That leg! We are truly not worthy.

    Although she deserves some major snaps for her sunny dress, the internet was quick to hone in on her choice of footwear which trended on Thursday afternoon in the US and were nearly sold out on Balenciaga’s website according to Vox. We found the boots on NET-A-PORTER, which retail for £2,935 and feature the brand’s signature ultra pointed knife silhouette.

    Balenciaga Knife Sequined Spandex Over-the-Knee Boots

    michelle obama's balenciaga boots

    Priced at £2,935, available at NET-A-PORTER

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    The boots are called the Knife Sequined Spandex Over-the-Knee Boots and if you’re looking for the ultimate treat yo’self present, they’re still available at the e-tailer. Michelle more or less cemented herself a fashion influencer as Balenciaga’s a brand that’s beloved by the fashion forward, with their white ankle boots quickly becoming a style staple at fashion week.

    Unsurprisingly, even SJP had to ask Obama about her show-stopping boots and Michelle said that she was now ‘free to do whatever’ via The Independent.

    She said, ‘There is no message. The boots are telling you no message. They were just really cute. I was like, those some nice boots!’

    Wear the damn boots if they make you happy, Michelle. Those are some nice boots.

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