Move over Ivanka, 'The Meghan Markle' is now the top cosmetic surgery request

And all because of one specific feature...

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And all because of one specific feature...

With Meghan becoming the Duchess of Sussex and announcing her pregnancy just this week during the newlyweds' royal tour, it's safe to say that she is the woman of the moment.

Already proving to have as much influence as the Kate Middleton effect, fans and followers are modelling their look on her, crashing a Canadian fashion site to buy her engagement coat, styling their hair in the MM cut, and even having cosmetic surgery to look like her.

That’s right Ivanka Trump may have previously held the top spot as the inspiration for cosmetic surgery requests, but now she has competition with Meghan Markle’s popular facial structure.

In fact, according to New York plastic surgeon Stephen T. Greenberg, the Meghan Markle nose is now one of his most popular requests

Meghan Markle white engagement coat

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‘Patients started coming to me about six months ago requesting Meghan Markle's nose,’ he explained to Allure weeks after the couple announced their engagement. ‘She has a pretty great nose, but I think the beauty of it is that it isn't perfect. From the profile you can see that she has a very slight dorsal hump of the nose that is almost undetectable when looking at her straight on.’

This of course isn’t the first time a royal or royal-by-association has inspired a cosmetic trend, with Kate Middleton’s nose prompting women across the world to change up their facial structure and Pippa Middleton’s famous derrière responsible for the ‘Pippa Butt lift’ trend.

We don’t think Meghan Markle expected this!

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