5 minutes with… Furla president Giovanna Furlanetto

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  • It’s all change over at Furla. The brand unveiled a chic new logo, designed to represent an archway – a door that leads to the new Furla world of openness, inclusivity and joy. It also introduced a see now buy now module to keep up with demand. You can now shop most if its SS20 presentation, which included paired-back styles in pastel shades as well as statement pieces in chain and floral prints.

    I sat down with Furla Giovanna Furlanetto at Milan Fashion Week to chat all things change.

    What was the inspiration behind the new logo?

    We have tried to raise the brand perception through the quality year after year and it’s the silent but constant work of evolution and we thought this was the time to produce a strong logo. Not only does the logo characterise the products but also symbolises a door entrance to our foundation, we have a foundation where we promote contemporary art. We are doing shows here in Milan with important international artists such as Christian Marclay who is now sowing at the Tate Modern.

    We wanted to communicate this art and so you see it when you pass by to see where the new collection is displayed. It’s like opening it’s doors to the world because we are aiming to international and ageless women like teenagers, mothers and grandmothers. Women of all countries and we want to attract the contemporary woman who recognises quality and design and loves ‘Made in Italy’ products. The new logo suits to all styles.

    It’s very modern…

    Yes very modern but at the same time not so sharp like sometimes modern things are. We are very tied to the world of contemporary art. With our foundation we have been working with Italian contemporary artists for 10 years now.

    Why introduce the see now buy now model?

    Yes because now when you see something that you like you want it immediately and nowadays through the Internet and pictures you are taking and sending, in 24 hours everyone will know we have a new logo. Hopefully they will then look for a bag in their nearest store. This is a further service we want to offer to our customers, of course we cannot offer this for the entire collection but every season we offer 3-4 pieces for immediate delivery. I’m sure this will be very successful because when customers want something they want it now.

    You are presenting this at Milan Fashion Week. Do you think fashion weeks will change?

    Well everything is changing and every company is trying to give itself its own model of business. We have over 400 contemporary stores worldwide and we want to try and be able to reach every customer, no matter where they live. So we are constantly moving steps forward and trying to keep our price point under control because this is also an important part of our success – very well related price points that women can recognise along with quality and understand what is worth what.

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